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Israeli history

The history of Israel encompasses the history of the modern State of Israel, as well as that of the Jews in the Land of Israel.

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Israeli history

Spice Route

History; Israeli history

Ancient route for trade caravans bringing spices from Arabia to the Mediterranean shore, led mainly by Nabatean traders.


History; Israeli history

Anointed one. Ancient priests and kings (and sometimes prophets) of Israel were anointed with oil. In early Judaism, the term came to mean a royal descendant of the dynasty of David who would restore ...


History; Israeli history

Another of the numerous sub-groups in early Judaism (see also Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes) and residents of the district of Samaria north of Jerusalem and Judah in what is now Israel. They are said ...

race violators

History; Israeli history

Anyone committing an act that is contrary to the anti-Semitic edicts of the Nuremberg Laws, or of other anti-Semitic or racial orders by the German government.

United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP)

History; Israeli history

Appointed in April 1947 to investigate the situation in Palestine and propose solutions. The majority of the committee recommended to partition Palestine, giving the Negev and a small part of the ...

Hussein Ibn Ali

History; Israeli history

Appointed Sherif of Mecca by the Turks in 1908. The title of Sherif was an ancient and honorable one, especially in the Hejaz (the Hejaz region, on the western coast of Arabia, includes the Muslim ...

Moslem Conquest

History; Israeli history

Arab (Moslem) tribes conquered the land of Israel in 636 CE, soon after establishment of Islam. Jewish settlement in Jerusalem resumed; later the Jewish community diminished under burden of new taxes ...

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