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Popularly recognized structures around the world that are of interest to tourists and visitors due to their notable physical features or historical significance.

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University of Debrecen

Education; Higher education

One of Hungary's five research-elite universities, and it has the second largest population of students, with about 32.000 studying here. The main building seen on the sample picture is just one ...

Csanak House

Travel; Landmarks

Standing on the corners of Piac and Arany János Streets, this romantic styled house was built by a famous grocer, József Csanak in 1874. Among others, the famous Hungarian novelist, Mór Jókai stayed ...

School of Music

Travel; Landmarks

The Debrecen School of Music vas founded in 1861 by the Society for the School of Music, members of the Choir and former students of the Reformed College. The actual two-storied building was built in ...

Reforned College of Debrecen

Travel; Landmarks

This Neo-Classical building, which hosts a school that educated several great Hungarian persons, is one of the most distinguished features of Debrecen. The College itself was found in 1538.

Reformed Great Church

Travel; Landmarks

The Reformed Great Church, which was built between 1805 and 1822, is the most characteristic building in Debrecen. The church's interior and the 61 meters high left side tower are visitable with ...

Truncated Church

Travel; Landmarks

Originally called the Reformed Small Church, its current name came from the bastion-like form of the tower. The church was originally built in 1600 with an onion-like dome on top of it, but in the ...

Financial Palace

Tourism & hospitality; Landmarks

The eclectis style former Financial Palace was completed in 1912. During World War Two, the Provisional Government of Hungary held its assemblies here between 22 December, 1944 and 7 April, 1945.

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