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Popularly recognized structures around the world that are of interest to tourists and visitors due to their notable physical features or historical significance.

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The Irinyi House

Tourism & hospitality; Landmarks

Betweem 1872 and 1892, this house was home to János Irinyi, the inventor of the noiseless match. He is associated almost exclusively with this invention, but he also worked on the formation of the ...

Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum

Tourism & hospitality; Landmarks

Medgyessy Ferenc was a famed 20th century Hungarian sculptor, one of the most influential in his time. The Medgessy exhibition is open on every day from 10:00 to 16:00, with the exception of Mondays.

Kossuth Square

Public areas; Landmarks

The main square of Debrecen, which was handed over to the public in 2001. It is a community space, which gives home to lots of public concerts, festivals like the annual Flower Carneval. The square ...

Kaszanyitzky House

Tourism & hospitality; Landmarks

This is the house in which the famous glass trader, Endre Kaszanyitzky had his shop in the 19th century. Originally built in neoclassicist style, but due to multiple rebuilds, it now bears the ...

Tanner's House

Convention; Exhibition

The Tanner's House is one of Debrecen's oldest historic workshops. Its function is to preserve and pass on the knowledge of the local traditional crafting arts. The exhibitions present the ...

inner villages

Travel; Landmarks

Sinharaja is surrounded by 22 villages with a population of approximately 5000 people. Only two villages, Warukandeniya and Kolonthotuwa are located within the reserve. The family structure is that ...

steps to save the rain forest

Travel; Landmarks

There are many steps to save the rain forest.Today the Sinharaja stands as a symbol of inspiration for conservationists and scientists in Sri Lanka. Within the course of ten years, this patch of ...

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