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Abbreviation for Malicious software, it is a software designed to harm or secretly access a computer system without the owner's informed consent.

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Software; Malware

Flame is a computer virus designed to spy on people, steal classified information and cause mass deletion of data. Code-named ‘Flame' or ‘Flamer', the malware is undetectable by standard anti-virus ...


Software; Anti virus

A scareware that uses SQL injection to force scripts into legitimate website URLs to redirect users to a page warning them that their PCs are infected with malware that can be removed by downloading ...

by color

Software; Malware

The By Color groups the notes in the Notes folder by the colors of the notes.

by contact

Software; Malware

The By Contact view groups journal entries by the contacts listed in them. It is another timeline view.

by type

Software; Malware

The By Type view is a timeline view that groups journal entries by the type of entry. It is the default view of the Journal folder.

calendar card

Software; Malware

Use the calendar card in the Options dialog box to set various options for the Calendar folder.

calendar folder

Software; Malware

The Calendar folder allows you to keep track of your schedule in various ways. The calendar can be displayed in various views and the schedule entries also can be displayed in a table format.

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