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1. To move (military forces) from one combat zone to another. 2. To shift (something) from one place or use to another for greater effectiveness

no frills

Business services; Marketing

The term ‘no frills’ or ‘no-frills’ is used to describe any service or product provided in its most basic and simple form, without any non-essential features, to keep its price low, e.g., no-frills ...


Business services; Marketing

Selling is offering to exchange something of value for something else. The something of value being offered may be tangible or intangible. The something else, usually money, is most often seen by the ...

abstract and epitome of title

Business services; Marketing

Document that establishes the status of the present title to a property, and lists all items of record (such as claims, deeds, judgments, liens) that might affect the quality of the title. Also ...

accelerated tariff elimination

Business services; Marketing

Unilateral or mutual move used in reducing or eliminating tariffs with another country, or between two countries, on a schedule that is faster than was originally anticipated, allowing for the ...

absolute auction

Business services; Marketing

Type of auction where the highest bidder acquires the item being auctioned (irrespective of the bid amount), and where the item does not have a reserve price below which it will not be sold.

a fortiori analysis

Business services; Marketing

In decision theory, an analysis made to intentionally favor alternative solutions when compared to the solution adjudged as best one. The alternatives are deliberately weighted to make them look ...

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