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comparative advantage

Business services; Marketing

Occurs when one country or company can produce at a lower opportunity cost than another.

competitive strategy

Business services; Marketing

A plan from which a company will devise a method to compete against its competitors.


Business services; Marketing

A group of companies or individuals who pool their resources to gain better leverage in buying or selling goods or services.


Business services; Marketing

The agreement that one party will exchange their goods or services for another party's goods or services, with or without a partial cash transfer.

diffusion theory

Business services; Marketing

A theory stating consumers will adopt new products in the following different waves: innovators (2 percent of population), early adopters (14 percent), early majority (34 percent), late majority (34 ...

distribution channel

Business services; Marketing

A chain from which products or services flow, from one intermediary to another intermediary, who raises the price point, towards the consumer.


Business services; Marketing

A belief that one's own culture and ethnic group are superior to another's.

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