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Mechanical engineering

Terms related to the discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

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Mechanical engineering


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A dwelling whose main frames are in the shape of the letter A.Two poles supported in an upright position by braces or guys and used for lifting equipment. Also known as double mast.

plunge point

Engineering; Mechanical engineering

The plunge point is the point, or wall in most cases, where the bevel on the blade meets the ricasso.


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

The ricasso is the shaped, but unsharpened section of the blade directly infront of the guard, or grip depending on the design of the knife.


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

If the portion of the handle furthest from the blade has a cap or other addition significantly different to the rest of the handle, it is referred to as the pommel. Originally the pommel was a weight ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

Either cut from the original knife billet, or formed from a robust flange of metal fitted at the top of the tang, the guard is a defenseive addition to a knife. The guard gives the operator of the ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A wave is a groove cut into the spine of a folding knife, pointing towards the handle in the open position, which allows the deployment of the blade from folded to engaged when drawing the knife from ...


Engineering; Mechanical engineering

A fuller is a groove or channel applied to a knife blade to decrease weight and increase strength. Fullers may be ground from or pressed into the blade, however only pressing increases rigidity. This ...

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