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Missile defense

Measures designed to detect, identify, track, and defeat attacking (ballistic) missiles in both strategic and theater tactical roles, during any portion of their flight trajectory (boost, post-boost, midcourse, or terminal) or to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of such attack.

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Missile defense

Pakistani missile test

Military; Missile defense

Pakistan successfully tested a much improved intermediate-range ballistic missile on early Wednesday, according to the Pakistani military. The test launch occurred six days after India, Pakistan's ...

missile defense

Military; Missile defense

Missile defense is a system involved in the detection, tracking, interception and destruction of attacking missiles. Originally conceived as a defense against nuclear-armed intercontinental ...

point defense

Military; Missile defense

The defense or protection of special vital elements and installations; e.g., command and control facilities, air bases, etc.

campaign plan

Military; Missile defense

A plan for a series of related military operations aimed to accomplish a common objective, normally within a given time and space.

work packages

Military; Missile defense

Detailed short-span jobs, or material items, identified by the contractor for accomplishing work required to complete the contract.

laser tracker

Military; Missile defense

A device that locks on to the reflected energy from a laser marked/designated and defines the direction of the target relative to itself.

critical risk

Military; Missile defense

The existence of a vulnerability that could cause exceptionally grave damage to the viability or the operational effectiveness of the SDS.

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