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Mixed drinks

Excluding cocktails, any alcoholic beverage which has one or more kinds of liquor mixed with other ingredients.

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Mixed drinks


Beverages; Mixed drinks

A mixer that is consumed immediately after a straight shot of liquor to create a different taste.


Beverages; Mixed drinks

Sikhye is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage, usually served as a dessert. It is made by pouring malt water onto cooked rice. The mixture is steeped until grains of rice appear on the surface, ...


Beverages; Mixed drinks

Suheonggwa is a traditional Korean fruit punch made from dried persimmons, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn and pine nuts. The punch is commonly served cold and as a dessert due to its sweet taste.


Beverages; Mixed drinks

Kalimotxo (or Calimocho) is a mixed drink made of 50% red wine and 50% cola soft drink typical from the north of Spain. It’s usually served in a big glass full of ice or in its cheaper version, in ...


Beverages; Mixed drinks

Pitilingorri is the name of the mix of red wine with orange flavored soft drink. This name came from the Basque language and means “a little bit red” (pitilin=pitxilin which means a little and gorri ...

Tinto de Verano

Beverages; Mixed drinks

Tinto de Verano is a typical Spanish drink which consists in the mix of red wine and Gaseosa (which is mild flavored low sugar carbonated lemonade) at 50% each. The best known brand of Gaseosa is La ...

Zong Qinghou

Beverages; Mixed drinks

Zong Qinghou founded beverage producer Hangzhou Wahaha Group as a store in a children's school in the city of Hangzhou in 1987. Shipments of bottled water and tea drinks remain the core of privately ...

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