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Mobile phones

iPhone 5

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

Apple's next generation mobile phone after the iPhone 4. iPhone 5 reportedly uses a similar metal frame design as the iPhone 4, but reconfigures the antenna layout to avoid short-circuiting when the ...

Nokia Microsoft Marriage

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

Nokia and Microsoft alliance to produce smartphones using Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 software. A strategy designed to compete against Google and Apple in the smartphone market, the deal marks a ...


Mobile communications; Mobile phones

The latest iteration of Samsung Galaxy series that blends the features and capabilities of a smartphone with those of a tablet.

long term evolution (LTE)

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

The fourth-generation (4G)of wireless communication standard that allows cellular towers to transmit data to phones and other mobile devices at very high speeds. As an evolution to the GSM/EDGE and ...

Facebook Camera

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

With the new Camera app, you can share photos on Facebook and see all your friends' latest shots in one place. Facebook bought Instagramm and renamed it into Facebook Camera. The idea behind this is ...


Mobile communications; Mobile phones

A cellphone is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link whilst moving around a wide geographic area.

distracted walking

Mobile communications; Mobile phones

The modern phenomenon of walking while talking on a cell phone or while playing video games on a smart phone or iPad. When a person engages in distracted walking, she or he becomes oblivious to ...

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