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Modern art

A movement in fine arts (starting from the mid-1800s) in which the styles, attitudes and subject-matter began to differ from those of traditional art.

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Modern art


Arts & crafts; Modern art

A computer art culture that creates 'demos' - audiovisual productions that are run in real-time on computer hardware. The scene was originally tied to the cracker community, where they would include ...

Sleeping Beauty Exhibit

Arts & crafts; Modern art

A 2012 summer art exhibit at the central gallery of the National Art Museum of Ukraine that featured men kissing sleeping women to try to awaken them. Each qualified male suitor could kiss a sleeping ...


Apparel; Coats & jackets

The process of converting waste or discarded products into new products with higher quality and new usage. Reworking junk materials into new and improved products. Often associated with recycling, ...


Weddings; Coats & jackets

Environmentally-friendly and ethical design that does not sacrifice quality or style. Both \'green\' and stylish. A combination of trendiness and environment.


Arts & crafts; Modern art

Term coined by Jean Dubuffet in 1953 to describe a type of work made from fragments of natural or preformed materials, such as household debris.

arts and crafts movement

Arts & crafts; Modern art

A social and aesthetic movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that championed good designed and craftsmanship at a time of increasing mechanization and mass production.


Arts & crafts; Modern art

Method of producing paintings or drawings in which the artist suppresses conscious control over the movements of the hand, allowing the unconscious mind to take over.

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