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New Wave

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The New Wave is a term that refers to a French cinema movement of the late 1950s and 1960s. The style of film was more documentary in nature and featured a narrative ambiguity that raised questions ...


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Antihero / supervillain character in the batman comics and movies. Anne Hathaway has been announced as playing catwoman in the next batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

Lindsay Lohan

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An American actress who began as a child model at age three, Lohan might be considered best known for her roles in Parent Trap (1998), Freaky Friday (2003) and Mean Girls (2005). Aspiring to be a ...

The Social Network

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Directed by David Fincher and staring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, and Rooney Mara, The Social Network is a 2010 drama about the founding of the social networking website ...

Inside Job

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Critically acclaimed film exposing the corruption in US banking that led to the 2008 crash, as well as why so little has been done to reform the financial world or bring criminal prosecutions against ...

Crisis 108

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A new movie from CSOFT International Studios. In the year 2045, humanity has reached peak oil and the value of fossil fuels has skyrocketed. Conflicts around the world erupt over the remaining ...

Silver Linings Playbook

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Silver Linings Playbook is an upcoming comedy-drama film directed by David O. Russell, from a screenplay by Russell, adapted from the seriocomic novel by Matthew Quick. The film stars Bradley Cooper ...

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