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Neuroscience is a branch of biology concerned with the study of the nervous system, the brain and the links between brain activities and behaviors.

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spinal trigeminal tract

Biology; Neuroscience

Brainstem tract carrying fibers from the trigeminal nerve to the spinal nucleus of the trigeminal complex (which serves as the relay for painful stimulation of the face).


Biology; Neuroscience

Branch; typically applied to the white and gray communicating rami that carry visceral motor axons to the segmental nerves.

sleep spindles

Biology; Neuroscience

Bursts of electroencephalographic activity, at a frequency about 10–14 Hz and lasting a few seconds; spindles characterize the initial descent into non-REM sleep.

motor neuron

Biology; Neuroscience

By usage, a nerve cell that innervates skeletal muscle.


Biology; Neuroscience

Capable of generating an electrical current; usually applied to membrane transporters that create electrical currents while translocating ions.


Biology; Neuroscience

Capillary and rod-free zone in the center of the fovea.


Biology; Neuroscience

Cases of a disease that apparently occur at random in a population; contrasts with familial or inherited.

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