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Printed publication of news, sports, markets, editorial articles, and advertising on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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news article

Printing & publishing; Newspaper

A piece that describes and explains a current news event.


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

A newspaper is a daily or weekly publication that contains news articles, editorials, and other items. Newspapers are printed on large sheets of inexpensive paper that are folded. Ads (and to a much ...

nut graf

Printing & publishing; Newspaper

The paragraph that contains the core information about the story and tells the reader why the story is important.


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

The section of a newspaper opposite the editorial section, where more opinions are stated (these are written by writers other than the editors). Op/ed is short for "opposite the editorial page."


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

The exact words of your subject (the interviewee).


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

A person who researches and writes an article for a newpaper.


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

A story that accompanies a main story, perhaps detailing a background event or a related topic.

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