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Printed publication of news, sports, markets, editorial articles, and advertising on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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classified ads

Printing & publishing; Newspaper

Advertisements placed by people and businesses to let people know about items for sale and available jobs.


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

All material written for a paper is referred to as copy.


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

shortened. Articles are oftened cropped by an editor so that they will fit onto the newspaper page.


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

To shorten an article. As space in a newspaper is often limited, articles are often cut by an editor to fit into the available space.


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

The time at which an article is due. Because the newspaper must be completed by a certain time in order to be printed for mass distribution, reporters usually have to have their work completed by a ...


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

The person in charge of the content of the paper who approves content and makes sure the newspaper meets distribution deadlines.


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

Opinion articles, written by the publisher, editors, and columnists of the paper.

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