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Oil painting

The art or practice of painting using oil-based paint.

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Oil painting


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

The term used for a thin, transparent layer of paint. Glazes are used on top of one another to build up depth and modify colors in a painting. A glaze must be completely dry before another is applied ...


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

HUe is the labelling on a paint tube that denotes a combination of less expensive pigments that closely imitates the mass tone of a more expensive pigment, not to be confused with Hue when describing ...


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Impasto is the texture created in a paint surface by the movement of the brush. Impasto usually implies thick, heavy brushwork, but the term also refers to the crisp, delicate textures found in ...

sinking in

Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Sinking in happens when the paint medium is absorbed by the underlying layer of paint, this could be due to an too absorbent or unevenly applied absorbent ground. The resulting appearance is a ...


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Sfumato, (from Italian sfumare, "to tone down" or "to evaporate like smoke"), is the fine shading that produces soft, imperceptible transitions between colours and tones. It is used most often in ...


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Lightfastness is the chemical stability of the pigment under long exposure to light. Artist quality paints are often rated according to the Blue Wool Scale (U.K) or American Society for Testing and ...

oiling out

Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Oiling out – is when you paint a very thin coat of medium over the painting to bring the colours back to how they looked when you first painted them. Depending on the absorbency of the canvas, the ...

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