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Oil painting

The art or practice of painting using oil-based paint.

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Oil painting


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Impasto is the texture created in a paint surface by the movement of the brush. Impasto usually implies thick, heavy brushwork, but the term also refers to the crisp, delicate textures found in ...


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Imprimatura is an initial stain of oil colour painted on a white ground which provides you with a transparent toned ground. It is similar to a coloured ground but more transparent. It comes from the ...

plein air

Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Plein air is a painting created outside rather than in a studio. The term comes from the French 'en plein air' meaning 'in the open air'.


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Scumble is a very thin layer of opaque or semi-opaque paint that partially hides the under-layer. Scumbling is the painting technique where a thin or broken layer of color is brushed over another so ...


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Sight-size ia a painting technique where the key idea is that your eye needs to be able to see both the canvas and the subject in one glance, so they both appear the same size. This makes it easier ...


Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Inpainting is a painting technique commonly used by conservators to unify a painting that has suffered paint loss and refers to paint applied over damaged areas only.

mass tone

Arts & crafts; Oil painting

Mass Tone is the undiluted colour of a pigment or paint when it's in a large blob. Also known as mass colour.

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