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Oriental rugs


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

Also julkhir (Uzbek), literal translation - bearskin, a type of pile rug made by both the Kirghiz and Uzbek weavers, usually with long pile, thought to serve as sleeping rugs.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

Rug placed inside the entry to a yurt


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A region in the Caucasus known for large format rugs. Many designs are found and the most famous are the Eagle Kazak and the Cloudband Kazak. Foundation is usually wool and knots count is around 65 ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A town in the Caucasus famous for Kazak rugs. Design is of a large centered octagonal medallion with two small rectangles above and two below the medallion.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A Caucasian village south of Derbend known for small rugs depicting geometric palmette. Karagashli rugs are frequently classified as Kuba rugs.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A town located in the Iranian Azerbaijan province close to Heriz. Many runners are woven in this area. They are single wefted, woven on a cotton foundation and have a distinctive hooked hexagon ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

a tribal group often thought to be aligned with the Uzbeks. Jon Thompson called them either Uzbekishe Turkmen or Turkmenishe Uzbeks, living primarily in the Khiva region of Uzbekistan.

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