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Oriental rugs


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

(Uzbek, Turkmen, Kirghiz) type of warp faced flat weave technique with the pattern only on one side a loose warps on the back.

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Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

Panel designs throughout the field woven with floral motifs, particularly found in a Persian Bahktiari.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A town in the Caucasus famous for 19th long rugs (mostly 3ft or 4ft by 9ft or 10ft) depicting diagonal and colorful bars throughout the field.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A town in western Turkey in which many small (usually 3x5ft) prayer rugs were woven. Knot densities are between 100-200 per square " Typical designs depict small geometric and pointed mihrab ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A town in northwest Iran in the vicinity of Heriz. In the trade, Gorevan is used to denote a grade of Heriz rugs which have a coarse weave with a Heriz design.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A term of disputed origin and significance. Perhaps it is a crude transliteration of the word for flower (Persian) or roundel (Turkish). In practice it is used to describe the discrete ornaments ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A Kurdish populated city and region in northwest Iran which is famous for its oriental rugs production. Rugs from hundreds of surrounding villages may be termed Hamadan. Hamadan rugs are woven in ...

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