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Of or relating to the financial record of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions.

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accounting period

Accounting; Payroll

accounting period, is period where budget of a company is prepared in books, and book keeping.

payroll period

Accounting; Payroll

The period of service for which an employer pays wages to its employees.

deferred compensation

Accounting; Payroll

The postponement of a wage payment to a later date. Usually describes a portion of wages set aside by an employer for an employee and put into a retirement plan on a pretax basis.

worker classification

Accounting; Payroll

The process of determining whether an individual performing services for a business is either an employee or an independent contractor.


Accounting; Payroll

The process of ensuring that amounts withheld, deposited, paid, and reported by employers agree with each other and that if they do not, determining the reasons and making the necessary corrections.

medical support withholding

Accounting; Payroll

The process of withholding amounts from an employee’s compensation to satisfy a medical support order from a court or a state child welfare administrative agency. The employer is responsible for ...

new hire reporting

Accounting; Payroll

The reporting of newly hired and rehired employees to state agencies to facilitate the collection of child support and/or to uncover abuse in the state’s unemployment compensation, workers’ ...

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