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Of or relating to the financial record of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions.

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Accounting; Payroll

Report to employees whose pay is direct deposited showing gross pay, reductions, deductions, contributions, net pay, selected year-to-date totals and bank account number.

income tax treaties

Accounting; Payroll

Treaties between the U.S. and foreign countries that may have provisions governing the tax treatment of U.S. employees working in those countries, as well as aliens from those countries working in ...

magnetic media reporting

Accounting; Payroll

Use of a computerized method of filing information with government agencies, such as magnetic tape, diskette, cartridge, or electronic filing from one computer to another.

fair market value (FMV)

Accounting; Payroll

Used to determine the value of non-cash, employer-provided benefits for payroll tax purposes, or the value of facilities provided to employees in lieu of wages.

base period wages

Accounting; Payroll

Wages earned during the base period. The amount is generally one of several criteria used in determining a claimant’s eligibility for unemployment compensation.

Form 941c

Accounting; Payroll

Statement to Correct Information; a form used to make adjustments to Form 941 when taxes have been under or over withheld ; explains the nature of the adjustment and shows the erroneous and correct ...

Social Security Administration

Accounting; Payroll

The federal government agency that administers social security.

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