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Pipeline related

Of or relating to long distance pipes built for the transportation of oil and gas.

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Pipeline related


Oil & gas; Pipeline related

Inserting the threaded end of a pipe or rod into the coupling at the end of another pipe or rod.

chain type pipe wrench

Oil & gas; Pipeline related

The act of employing a spinning line in making a connection between two sections of pipe.

riser pipeline

Oil & gas; Pipeline related

A pipe that connects a platform to a sub-sea wellhead or spur line.

batch and fall

Oil & gas; Pipeline related

Is a common method of batch treating wells. The batch and fall method is used when gas wells are confirmed to be corroding. The well must have low liquid levels and sufficient natural bottom hole ...

Keystone XL Pipeline

Oil & gas; Pipeline related

An extension of the Keystone Pipeline, which currently carries oil sands bitumen from Hardisty, Alberta, over to Manitoba, then down through the Dakotas and Nebraska. The current pipeline then splits ...

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