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Popular culture

The vernacular or people's culture that prevails in a modern society.

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Popular culture

Le Splendid

Entertainment; Popular culture

Le Splendid is the name of the French café-théâtre company founded by a collection of writers and actors in the 1970s: Christian Clavier, Michel Blanc, Gérard Jugnot, Thierry Lhermitte (four ...

Doodle 4 Google

Entertainment; Popular culture

Annual United States-based competition hosted by Google, where thousands of Google users submit a hand-drawn picture based on a certain theme. 2011 featured 107,000 submissions while 2012 featured ...

Will Eisner

Entertainment; Popular culture

Will Eisner is a renowned American comic writer and artist, best known for his creation of "The Spirit" comic series and for the development of a new category of books referred to as "graphic ...

Hugh Hefner

Entertainment; Popular culture

Hugh Hefner is owner of Playboy Enterprises and regularly entertains at the Playboy mansion.

Selena break up

Entertainment; Popular culture

There have been reports that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have broken up.This is said to have happened after Selena caught Berbier texting his ex-love Jasmine.The good news is that Selena has left ...

post-it wars

Entertainment; Popular culture

Office workers in Paris have been using post-its on their windows to recreate popular images, in an apparent effort to out-do each other.


Entertainment; Popular culture

A pastime, recreation, or a state of being amused.

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