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Popular culture

The vernacular or people's culture that prevails in a modern society.

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Popular culture

film noir

Culture; Popular culture

A term coined to describe Hollywood thrillers of the 1940s and 1950s, which portrayed the dark underworld of crime and corruption.


Culture; Popular culture

A young woman of the 1920s, often one who defied social conventions. Flappers cut their hair short and wore short skirts.

folk music

Culture; Popular culture

Traditional songs, dance or music; in the 1960s applied to the work of Bob Dylan and others who revived traditional forms and wrote new words to old ballads to express contemporary social ...


Culture; Popular culture

Permission to sell a company's goods or services, usually within a particular geographical area, under that company's name.


Culture; Popular culture

A movement in the visual arts, music and literature, which originated in 1909 with the publication of the Italian poet F.T. Marinetti's Futunst Manitesta. Its adherents made a cult of speed and the ...

generation gap

Culture; Popular culture

A lack of communication and understanding between people of different age-groups.


Culture; Popular culture

Words chanted by the fans to cheer on the singers during a particular song. They are created to go along with the melody. They are shouted during a part of the song when the singers are not singing, ...

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