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Popular culture

The vernacular or people's culture that prevails in a modern society.

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Popular culture

fan club

Culture; Popular culture

Official and non-offical fan clubs are created to be more organized in supporting artists.


Culture; Popular culture

When an artist has the #1 song or album on all the legal music download sites. An all-kill on a daily chart (on the day of a new release) is normal for most popular groups. Weekly and monthly chart ...

comeback stage

Culture; Popular culture

The first performance in a music program for the promotion of a new title track or single. There is no minimum time wait following the promotion of the previous title track. An artist usually has a ...


Culture; Popular culture

The dominant or chief trend of opinion in society.

mass media

Culture; Popular culture

Communication systems such as radio, television and newspapers, which reach large numbers of people.


Culture; Popular culture

Devotion to the acquisition of material possessions, in preference to inner fulfilment.


Culture; Popular culture

The different technological means of communication: the printed word, mechanical and electronic forms of reproduction.

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