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The complete installation of an aircraft engine, propeller, and all accessories needed for its proper function.

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four-stroke cycle

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A constant-volume cycle of energy transformation that has separate strokes for intake, compression, power, and exhaust.


Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A control used to automatically change the pitch of a constant speed propeller to maintain a constant engine rpm as air loads vary in flight.

waste gate

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A controllable butterfly valve in the exhaust pipe of a reciprocating engine equipped with an exhaust-driven turbocharger. When the waste gate is open, exhaust gases leave the engine through the ...

feathering propeller

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A controllable-pitch propeller whose blades can be moved into a high pitch angle of approximately 90º. Feathering the propeller of an inoperative engine prevents it from wind-milling and greatly ...

fire sleeve

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A covering of fire-resistant fabric used to protect flexible fluid lines that are routed through areas subject to high temperature.

choke-ground cylinder

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A cylinder of a reciprocating engine that is ground so that its diameter at the top of the barrel is slightly smaller than the diameter in the center of the stroke. The large mass of metal in the ...

claret red

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A dark purplish pink to a dark gray purplish red color.

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