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The complete installation of an aircraft engine, propeller, and all accessories needed for its proper function.

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duct losses

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A decrease in pressure of the air flowing into a gas turbine engine caused by friction.


Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A device that changes energy from one form to another. Commonly used transducers change mechanical movement or pressures into electrical signals.


Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A device used to generate an electrical current. A thermocouple is made of two dissimilar metal wires whose ends are welded together to form a loop. A voltage exists in the loop proportional to the ...


Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A device used to measure the amount of torque being produced by an engine. The drive shaft of the engine is loaded with either an electric generator or a fluid pump, and the output of the generator ...

PV diagram

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A diagram showing the relationship between the volume of a cylinder and the pressure during a cycle of engine operation.

liquid crystal display (LCD)

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A digital display that consists of two sheets of glass separated by a sealed-in, normally transparent liquid crystal material. The outer surface of each glass sheet has a transparent conductive ...

full-authority digital electronic control (FADEC)

Aviation; Aircraft maintenance

A digital electronic fuel control for a gas turbine engine that is functioning during all engine operations, hence full authority. It includes the EEC and functions with the flight management ...

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