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Print advertising

Any advertisement that is printed on a paper publication, such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters, booklets, flyers, direct mail etc.

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Print advertising


Advertising; Print advertising

Retouching photos to make the subject image look more appealing than the real thing. Retouched advertisements are an age old industry practice as flawless images encourage consumers to more likely ...


Advertising; Print advertising

Letter or A4 sized information sheet either printed or in electronic format with a design layout similar to a newspaper. Newsletters generally contain information that is of interest primarily to ...

general advertising

Advertising; Print advertising

Advertising that is used to create an image or an awareness of a product or company over time.

image advertising

Advertising; Print advertising

see general advertising. Mail sent to a consumer, without the consumer asking for it, that is used to advertise products.

junk mail

Advertising; Print advertising

junk mail, are mails sent by sender to a separate box, actually undefined/unknown sender.


Advertising; Print advertising

All activities involved in getting a customer to buy a product. The activities usually involve determining what products or services may be of interest to customers, and developing strategies for ...


Advertising; Print advertising

Everything involved in getting the word to the public about a product. Examples are advertising, trade shows, catalogs, etc.

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