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Quantum mechanics

Of or pertaining to the study of physics at a microscopic level.

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Quantum mechanics


Physics; Quantum mechanics

German scientist who invented devices that detect radiations, including the Geiger counter in 1908. He died in 1945.

quantum teleportation

Physics; Quantum mechanics

Quantum teleportation is a new and traceless method of transferring information through conventional communication channel such as the free space channel. In physics terms, this is the process to ...

quantum physics

Physics; Quantum mechanics

Discipline in physics focusing on the smallest amounts of matter and energy.


Physics; Quantum mechanics

Intelligence is any matter that travels at a speed faster than the speed of light. Intelligence energy powered spaceship is the only hope for human to ever see extraterrestrial life.

optical light

Physics; Quantum mechanics

A light that is detected by the human eye, with a wavelength between 400o to 7000 Angstromes.

angular acceleration

Physics; Quantum mechanics

The rate of change of angular velocity of a body moving along a circular path is called its angular acceleration.

special relativity plus

Physics; Quantum mechanics

Special relativity plus is an extension of Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity (STR) concerning mass-energy equivalence, as expressed by E = mc 2 , where c is the speed of light in ...

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