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A railroad is a means of wheeled transportation for moving people and goods. Railroads are tracks on which trains can tow cars behind an engine.

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storage track

Railways; Railroad

One of the body tracks in a storage yard, or a track used for storage purposes.


Railways; Railroad

A track safety device to guide rolling stock off the rails at a selected spot as a means of protection against collisions or other accidents.


Railways; Railroad

The distortion of a body produced by the application of one or more external forces and measured in units of length. In common usage, this is the proportional relation of the amount of distortion ...


Railways; Railroad

The resistance of a body to distortion when in a solid or plastic state and when acting in an unconfined condition. Stress is produced by the strain (distortion) and holds in equilibrium the external ...


Railways; Railroad

Anytime the wheels of a car or engine are off the head of the rail.

stringer bridge

Railways; Railroad

A deck type bridge in which wooden or steel I-beam stringers carry the track across from one bent or pier to another with or without intermediate support.

diamond crossing

Railways; Railroad

A track unit where one track crosses another track at the same level.

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