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A railroad is a means of wheeled transportation for moving people and goods. Railroads are tracks on which trains can tow cars behind an engine.

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Railways; Railroad

The complete area including platforms, goods yard, MPD or TMD, and carriage sidings that is contained within the one control area. The length of a station is measured between shunting limits (from ...

curve runoff

Railways; Railroad

The profile through which the super elevation of a curve is brought to the level of the tangent, or through which different elevations on a compound curve are connected.

steam heating

Railways; Railroad

A method of heating a train using the steam from a steam locomotive.

curved lead (turnout)

Railways; Railroad

The rail from heel of switch to toe of frog.

steam locomotive

Railways; Railroad

A locomotive powered by a steam engine. This has been the most common form of propulsion for most of the time that railways have existed.


Railways; Railroad

A section of railway line where the surrounding countryside is at a higher level than the line and the ground has been dug away to put in the line.

stock guard

Railways; Railroad

A rail-high panel of material difficult for hoofed animals to traverse, used to continue a stock fence across a railroad.

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