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A railroad is a means of wheeled transportation for moving people and goods. Railroads are tracks on which trains can tow cars behind an engine.

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joint tie

Railways; Railroad

A cross tie used under a rail joint.

wagon turntable

Railways; Railroad

A method used in the early 1900s (and before) to turn wagons so as to run them into sidings at extreme angles to the rest of the track or where there was insufficient space for a turnout.

joint-bar drilling

Railways; Railroad

Provision of suitable holes at the ends of rail, switch, frog, or other track member to receive joint-bar bolts. In specifying joint-bar drilling, give the distance from rail end to center of the ...

walk around layout

Railways; Railroad

A layout not requiring a duck-under or lifting section.


Railways; Railroad

The spot at which a branch diverges from the main line. It may consist of a single turnout for single track or may consist of several turnouts and diamond crossings for double (or multiple) tracks.

water crane

Railways; Railroad

A crane like device used to provide water for steam locomotives.

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