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A railroad is a means of wheeled transportation for moving people and goods. Railroads are tracks on which trains can tow cars behind an engine.

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Railways; Railroad

The part of the "frog" of a turnout upon which the train wheels will run. The part of a turnout where the inside running rails come together.

isolating section

Railways; Railroad

A short section of track fed by a switch or pushbutton from an adjacent track section. May also be fed by a diode so as to only permit travel in one direction.

vertical curve

Railways; Railroad

A curve in the profile of a track to connect intersecting grade lines and to permit safe and smooth operation of trains over summits and across sags.


Railways; Railroad

The junction of two rails or of like materials in bridge members.


Railways; Railroad

A long form of arched bridge having five or more arches below track level.

joint bar

Railways; Railroad

A steel angle bar or other shape used to fasten together the ends of rails in a track. They are used in pairs, and are designed to fit the space between head and flange (fishing space) closely. They ...


Railways; Railroad

A piece of rolling stock used for the conveyance of freight.

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