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Referring to any service that assists a family to move house or a business to move from one establishment to another.

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local custom

Business services; Relocation

A common practice in an area that is often unwritten.

loan commitment

Business services; Relocation

A written promise by a lender to make or insure a loan for a specified amount an on specified terms.

loan-to-value ratio (LTV)

Business services; Relocation

The relationship between the principal balance of the mortgage and the appraised value (or sales price if it is lower) of the property.

loan origination fee or points

Business services; Relocation

Fees paid to a lender to reduce the interest rate.

listing agreement

Business services; Relocation

An agreement between a seller of real property and a real estate broker whereby the broker agrees to attempt to secure a buyer for the property.

listing agent

Business services; Relocation

A real estate agent who is responsible for marketing the seller’s home to secure a purchaser.

lender fees

Business services; Relocation

Fees charged by the lender to cover the administrative costs of originating a mortgage loan. These fees may include application processing; credit, appraisal, title, and survey review and approval; ...

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