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Referring to any service that assists a family to move house or a business to move from one establishment to another.

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escalator clause

Business services; Relocation

A clause in a contract providing for the upward or downward adjustment of certain items to cover specified contingencies, particularly interest rates.

equity advance

Business services; Relocation

Payment of a portion of the available equity in the employee’s home prior to the sale of the home.


Business services; Relocation

The market value of real property, less the amount of existing liens.


Business services; Relocation

An obstruction, building or part of a building that intrudes beyond a legal boundary onto neighboring private or public land, or a building extending beyond the building line or into an easement.


Business services; Relocation

A right of way giving persons other than the owner access to or over a property.

earnest money

Business services; Relocation

Money given to a seller by a buyer with an offer to purchase as an illustration of good faith.

duplicate housing costs

Business services; Relocation

When an employee is responsible for two homes due to relocation, the corporation will assume financial responsibility for one of the homes typically the departure home for a specified period of time.

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