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Referring to any service that assists a family to move house or a business to move from one establishment to another.

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discount broker

Business services; Relocation

A real estate broker who works for a commission lower than that generally charged in the area.

direct reimbursement program

Business services; Relocation

A type of home sale program in which the corporation does not guarantee an appraised value nor does it purchase the property from the employee but does reimburse some or all direct selling costs.

destination agent

Business services; Relocation

Agent located at or near your destination that provides necessary services and information at the end of your move.

desktop underwriter (DU)

Business services; Relocation

Desktop Underwriter is an automated mortgage loan underwriting system that reduces the time, cost, and subjectivity associated with traditional mortgage underwriting.


Business services; Relocation

Loss of value in real property brought about age, physical deterioration or functional or economic obsolescence.


Business services; Relocation

A loan payment that is overdue but within the period allowed before actual default is declared.


Business services; Relocation

The nonperformance of a duty, whether arising under a contract or otherwise; failure to meet an obligation when due, such as failure to make mortgage payments as agreed to in the terms of the ...

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