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Rowing is a competitive sport where rowers race each other in boats by using oars to propel themselves forward. The athlete sits in the boat facing backwards with two oars (one on either side).

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Sports; Rowing

This is stroke of the oar that drives the shell through the water. At the beginning of the stroke, the rower's legs are doing all the work as they push against the foot stretchers, then the rower ...


Sports; Rowing

The difference in the angle at which an oar is set, compared with perpendicular to the water.


Sports; Rowing

How far a boat or shell goes with one stroke of the oars.


Sports; Rowing

(1) This refers to the four elements that make up a complete rowing motion: catch, drive, feathering and recovery. (2) The rower who sits in the stern of the boat and who sets the rhythm of the ...


Sports; Rowing

A crew will be warned if it violates the rules and will be disqualified if it receives two warnings.

wash out

Sports; Rowing

To remove the blade from the water during the drive but before the finish. This results in a loss of power.

white flag

Sports; Rowing

The white flag is held up to show that the alignment of the shells is correct and during a race it is held up to indicate a race is progressing with no rule violations.

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