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The practice of shaping figures or designs in the round or in relief - such as by chiseling marble, modeling clay, or casting in metal - in order to create a work of art.

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Arts & crafts; Sculpture

A hollow, or negative container used in the process of casting to give its form to a substance placed within (wax for the bronze lost-wax process, or plaster, cement, resin loaded or not with slate, ...

multimedia sculpture

Arts & crafts; Sculpture

Multimedia is media that uses multiple forms of information content and information processing (e.g. text, audio, graphics, animation, video, interactivity). Similarly to mixed media art, the artist ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

Coloring of a sculpture in plaster, bronze, plastic, etc. with acids or pigments. Variations are countless due to the variety of color mixes. The natural bronze patina on statues is caused by ...

patina - patination

Arts & crafts; Sculpture

The layman can relate to patina when it is defined as a mellowing of tone or texture acquired by aging and use in furniture, leather, or paintings. In sculpture, it is a film or incrustation that ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

In casting, the entrance hole and main channel in the wall of a mould through which the liquid material (bronze or other metal) is poured; it is joined to the model by smaller channels called gates. ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

Medium used for sculpture, steel is a commercial iron that contains carbon in any amount up to 1.7 percent as an essential alloying constituent, is malleable when under suitable conditions and is ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

1a. The support or foot of a late classic or neoclassic column. b. The base of an upright structure. 2. Base, foundation or support for a sculpture.

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