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The practice of shaping figures or designs in the round or in relief - such as by chiseling marble, modeling clay, or casting in metal - in order to create a work of art.

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Arts & crafts; Sculpture

1. A chemical element that is more or less shiny, can be hammered, welded or stretched, as iron, gold, aluminum, lead and magnesium. Distinguished from an alloy. In wire or wire mesh form (of varying ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

The process that duplicates a model or piece by pouring casting material into a pre- formed mold.


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

1. A building material made of lime, silica and alumina. Can be surface-coloured or loaded with pigments for an all-through colour. Can be used to create outdoor sculptures. The sculptor will either ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

1. A native earth consisting mainly of decomposed feldspathic rock (feldspathic: grouping of crystalline minerals that consist of aluminum silicates with either potassium, sodium, calcium or barium) ...

coil building

Arts & crafts; Sculpture

Coiling is a hand building technique used to make pots. Plastic ‘snakes’ of clay are used. They can vary from a thin strip to a large sausage like strip. It is hand manipulated, pinched and squashed ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

From the French "false". Said of any false finish given to a sculpture. "Faux marble" is reconstituted marble powder incorporated into resin.


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

Of or portraying the (human or animal) figure. Figurative sculpture can be either realistic (in varying degrees...) or stylized.

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