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The practice of shaping figures or designs in the round or in relief - such as by chiseling marble, modeling clay, or casting in metal - in order to create a work of art.

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Arts & crafts; Sculpture

In architectural sculpture, the female figure that serves as a column supporting an entablature. Usually a graceful figure dressed in long robes. From the Greek. Male counterparts are Atlantes or ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

A reproduction of an original piece of sculpture in any number of casting materials, most commonly plaster, plastic, or bronze.


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

One of the 4 main methods a sculptor may use to achieve a desired overall form. Basically constructing or adding existing shapes, objects or materials to one another in a method other than welding to ...

bas relief

Arts & crafts; Sculpture

A sculpture that is slightly raised with no apparent undercuts.


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

Also called plinth. The base is what the sculpture is attached, fixed or mounted on. A block (of any shape or dimension and material placed between a sculpture and its pedestal). These terms can all ...

blown glass

Arts & crafts; Sculpture

Glass made from blowing a glass bubble on the end of a hollow tube. An artisan may then shape it by spinning, rolling and pinching with iron tools to make a vase, bottle, glass or other object. ...


Arts & crafts; Sculpture

Conceptual art is art in which the concept(s) or idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns.

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