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Spanish festivals

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Spanish festivals

San Fermin

Festivals; Spanish festivals

San Fermin is a worldwide known festival in Pamplona (Spain). The most famous aspect of the festival is the Running of the Bulls (Encierro in Spanish). San Fermin festival became so famous thanks to ...


Festivals; Spanish festivals

La Tomatina is a festival that is held in the Spanish town of Buñol on the last Wednesday of August every year. There are many theories about how La Tomatina started but no one can be sure which ...

Feria de Abril

Festivals; Spanish festivals

Feria de Abril is actually the set of “casetas” and attractions located in the distric “Los Remedios” for the celebration of the festivals of Sevilla (Spain). Its origin is in 1847, when the ...


Festivals; Spanish festivals

The Fallas is the festivals of Valencia (Spain), although the term Fallas refers also to the monuments created during the celebration and which are burned. These monuments are also called Ninots ...

Tamborrada de San Sebastian

Festivals; Spanish festivals

The Tamborrada of San Sebastian (Spain) is the best known one along Spain. It consists in a concentration of drum players for 24 hours non-stop. Its origin is unknown, but what is known is that they ...


Festivals; Spanish festivals

Bullfighting is a performance which takes places in Spain, France, Portugal and some countries of South America. Its origins are in the Bronze Age as a demonstration of courage, and then it “evolved” ...


Festivals; Spanish festivals

The Ziripot is a character of the carnival of Lantz (Navarre, Spain). The costum of Ziripot is made of sacks and it is full of straw. It gives to Ziripot a spectacular appearance and it is very ...

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