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Entertainment; Video

In recorders, refers to either electrical or mechanical automatic bias switching devices.

automatic color correction (ACC)

Entertainment; Video

A circuit found in many consumer viewing devices that attempts to compensate for the “Never Twice the Same Color” broadcast problems. This circuit can go far beyond the Auto Tint function in that it ...

automatic focus

Entertainment; Video

A feature on most consumer and industrial video cameras and camcorders that automatically makes minor focal length adjustments, thus freeing the videographer from focusing concerns.

automatic frequency control (AFC)

Entertainment; Video

Automatic frequency control. Commonly used to lock onto and track a desired frequency.

automatic iris

Entertainment; Video

A feature on most video cameras and camcorders that automatically creates the lens aperture that allows the imaging device to perform under optimum conditions.

automatic picture stop

Entertainment; Video

The disc player will automatically take the program from the play mode to a still frame mode according to information programmed in the vertical interval of the disc’s video.

automatic route selection

Entertainment; Video

An important part of an automatic leastcost routing system.

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