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audio modulation

Entertainment; Video

A carrier is modified with audio information and is mixed with the video information for transmission.

audio modulation decoders

Entertainment; Video

Converts sound carrier elements of the video waveform into left and right audio channels for stereo monitoring.

audio modulation monitors

Entertainment; Video

Displays sound carrier elements of the video waveform.

audio signals

Entertainment; Video

XLR connectors provide dual-channel audio signals. The left channel can be set to click as a means of easily distinguishing the left channel from the right channel in audio tests.

audio subcarrier

Entertainment; Video

A specific frequency that is modulated with audio data before being mixed with the video data and transmitted.

audio/video mixer

Entertainment; Video

A single electronic component that consists of an audio mixer and a video mixer, switcher, or special effects generator. Also called an A/V Mixer.

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