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asynchronous data streaming

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Streaming of data only without any timing requirements. See Asynchronous Data Streaming, Synchronous Data Streaming.


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In audio terms, the beginning of a sound. What type of attack a sound has is determined by how long it takes for the volume of the sound to go from silence to maximum level. It is critical to ...

attack, decay, sustain and release (ADSR)

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These are the four parameters found on a basic synthesizer envelope generator. An envelope generator is sometimes called a transient generator and is traditionally used to control the loudness ...


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A decrease in the level of a signal is referred to as attenuation. In some cases, this is unintentional, as in the attenuation caused by using wire for signal transmission. Attenuators (circuits ...


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a) Signals consisting of frequencies corresponding to a normally audible sound wave ranging between the frequencies of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. b) A DC signal with varying amounts of ripple. It is sometimes ...

audio breakaway (ABKW)

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The ability to independently select audio sources regardless of which video source is selected, even though the audio is normally associated with a particular video (as opposed to follow).

audio coding algorithm number 3 (AC-3)

Entertainment; Video

An audio-coding technique used with ATSC. The audio compression scheme invented by Dolby Laboratories and specified for the ATSC Digital Television Standard. In the world of consumer equipment, it is ...

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