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aspect ratio accommodation

Entertainment; Video

Techniques by means of which something shot in one aspect ratio can be presented in another. The five currently used or proposed techniques are compared in the following table. It is also possible to ...

assembled edit

Entertainment; Video

Electronic edit that replaces all previously recorded material with new audio and video and a new control track, starting at the edit point. Inserting a new control track allows for a constant speed ...

assembler program

Entertainment; Video

Translates assembly language statements (mnemonics) into machine language.

assembly language

Entertainment; Video

Machine-oriented language. A program is normally written as a series of statements using mnemonic symbols that suggest the definition of the instruction. It is then translated into machine language ...

asymmetric compression

Entertainment; Video

Compression in which the encoding and decoding require different processing power (the encoding is normally more demanding).

asymmetrical digital subscriber line

Entertainment; Video

Bellcore’s term for one-way T-1 to the home over the plain old, single twisted pair wiring already going to homes. ADSL is designed to carry video to the home. ADSL, like ISDN, uses adaptive digital ...


Entertainment; Video

a) A transmission procedure that is not synchronized by a clock. b) Any circuit or system that is not synchronized by a common clock signal.

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