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Visual arts

Of or pertaining to any artistic creation that we can look at, such as paintings, drawings, or video footage.

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Visual arts


Art history; Visual arts

The practice of copying or making a likeness of something, whether in actions, images, sounds or other forms of expression.


Art history; Visual arts

Visibly thick and manipulated paint, or the marks visible in paint from strokes of a brush or other tool.


Art history; Visual arts

A material depiction or mental impression of something, most often in a representational sense, though not always considered clear or distinct.


Art history; Visual arts

In ancient rome, a wax portrait of an ancestor; in psychoanalysis, the subjective, subconsciously formed idea or image of someone that continues to influence one’s feelings, attitudes and behavior.


Art history; Visual arts

In art, an image that purports to make visible, or simply to ornament, the sense or meaning of a text, particularly as an aid to the reader’s interest or understanding.


Art history; Visual arts

From the greek eidos, meaning a visible image, form or shape; typically, the term suggests a mental conception, image or notion. In platonic philosophy, it designates an immaterial, universal, and ...


Art history; Visual arts

A style or manner of speech or expression more generally, often distinguished by peculiarities of history, culture, region or demographic variables.

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