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Of or relating to timepieces worn on the wrist or kept in a convenient place, such as a coat pocket.

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Timepieces; Watches

Launched in 1977, the Cortina chronographs took their name from the famous ski resort in Northern Italy that hosted the Winter Olympics of 1956. The series marked TAG Heuer's association with winter ...


Timepieces; Watches

Device fitted on a bracelet (see buckle)

complete calendar

Timepieces; Watches

In addition to the date, a complete calendar shows the month, the day and sometimes the phase of the moon. The date has to be manually adjusted in months that are shorter than 31 days.


Timepieces; Watches

A watch function, apart from the simple indication of time, that involves a supplementary mechanism. Examples of complications include: automatic windin, chronograph, phases of the moon, perpetual ...


Timepieces; Watches

Launched in 1975, the Chronosplit was the world's first quartz wrist chronograph. It had an LCD/LED display accurate to 1/10th second.


Timepieces; Watches

The case is comprised of the bezel, the middle and the back. It protects the watch movement. Its most common shape is round but it can also be oval, barrel-shaped, square, rectangular or some other ...


Timepieces; Watches

A watch with hands showing the hours, minutes and seconds, but which also features a mechanism for measuring continuous or interrupted units of time, from a fraction of a second to twelve hours. This ...

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