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Of or relating to timepieces worn on the wrist or kept in a convenient place, such as a coat pocket.

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Timepieces; Watches

The Camaro series, launched in 1968, takes it name from the famous Chevrolet sports car with an innovative design, introduced two years before. It was the official pace car of the famous Indianapolis ...


Timepieces; Watches

A description of a watch movement that defines its size, shape and the arrangement of its bridges.


Timepieces; Watches

A device that joins the two ends of the strap or bracelet. There are two types of buckle: a pin buckle which has a small metal tongue that engages with a hole in the strap; and the folding buckle, a ...


Timepieces; Watches

The Calculator series, launched in 1972, is a highly innovative timing instrument that allows complex mathematical operations to be performed, using its push buttons.


Timepieces; Watches

Part of the case(ring), adjusted to the middle, which generally hold the crystal. The name is often used to describe a turning ring on the case that is marked with a scale intended for various ...


Timepieces; Watches

The device that regulates the movement of a mechanical watch. It is a statically balanced wheel which, by oscillating, regularizes the energy coming through the gear train. The precision of a watch ...


Timepieces; Watches

A generator that transforms chemical energy into direct electrical current.

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