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Weightlifting is a type of physical activity performed individually both as a means of fitness and as competition. The primary objectives of weightlifting are to increase the strength and size of skeletal muscle. Weighttraining can use a variety of equipment to target different muscles in the body.

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aerobic exercise

Sports; Weightlifting

A type of exercise that is used to strengthen the heart and to build up stamina. These exercises include: running, bicycle riding, using a treadmill, or swimming. These exercises can involve weights ...


Sports; Weightlifting

Bandages? We don't need no stinking bandages". Actually weightlifters do need protective bandages and they are allowed to wear them on the fingers and thumps, hands, knees and wrists.


Sports; Weightlifting

Another commonly used name for a barbell.


Sports; Weightlifting

This is a bar that weights are put on.


Sports; Weightlifting

See Lifting Belt

bench press

Sports; Weightlifting

A bench that the weight lifter lays on their back and reaches up to grab a barbell that has weights on each end. They lift the barbell off of a stand that it is resting on and lower the bar to their ...

body weight

Sports; Weightlifting

Weightlifters are divided into weight categories and these determine the amount of weight that a lifter will be lifting. Please see the separate section on weight categories.

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