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Fitness; Workouts

DuPont CoolMax is a high-performance polyester. It uses DuPont's proprietary Dacron? fibers to move sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. Learn ...

VO2 max

Fitness; Workouts

The largest volume of oxygen your body can take in and assimilate. This figure is very high in trained endurance athletes.


Fitness; Workouts

the act of stretching oneself and yawning


Fitness; Workouts

The muscle running along the inside of the upper arm which bends your arm at the elbow. Paddling a canoe (and a kayak, to some degree) exercises your biceps.

bicep muscle

Fitness; Workouts

The muscle in the front of your upper arm above the elbow. It has two heads (hence, "bi") that attach to different parts of your shoulder. Flexing makes you feel studly.


Fitness; Workouts

The study of the mechanics of muscular activity. A sub-discipline of kinesiology, biomechanics uses applications and mathematical methods of mechanics to figure out how and why the human body ("bio") ...


Fitness; Workouts

Shoe construction featuring a piece of stiff fiberboard glued to the upper and then to the mid- and outsole. These shoes offer a lot of stability and motion control, appropriate for the ...

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